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Cloud Communications with G Suite Integration: What's in It for Retail?

This article was updated on July 6, 2021

Peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, enterprise productivity solutions and business communications systems — some things are just better together.

By improving the customer experience and boosting employee productivity, a G Suite integration provides invaluable benefits to retail organizations.

Pairing G Suite with a cloud-based phone system helps companies enable more productive communication and collaboration. For retail organizations competing in high-stakes and fast-paced markets, G Suite integration means better customer service, more efficient operations, and faster innovation. As far as competitive advantages go, that's a triple whammy.

So which G Suite features work better with phone system integration? What are the benefits of these integrations for retail organizations? Let's take a look.

G Suite Meets Cloud VoIP

G Suite, formerly Google Apps for Work, is Google's suite of enterprise productivity and collaboration apps, including Gmail, Google Drive, Contacts, Hangouts, and Calendar. Like many cloud-based business solutions, it can be integrated with certain cloud-based phone systems to streamline communication and optimize day-to-day operations.

For example, a G Suite integration lets companies access phone features (like click-to-call) within the Google apps and communication apps (like Hangouts) within the cloud VoIP phone system. Employees can effortlessly initiate calls, sync contacts, or schedule voice or video calls using Google calendar, while automatically logging calls for detailed analytics and reporting.

Millions of companies across industries already use G Suite to boost productivity and connect their teams, whether team members are in the same office, spread across the country, or working on the go from their mobile devices. Cloud phone systems are just as versatile, just as mobile, and most valuable when integrated with productivity solutions, CRM, and other key business systems that retail teams use every day.

With G Suite, teams can quickly and securely share information across departments and locations, and even with outside vendors, creative agencies, and resellers.

5 Ways Retail Wins with G Suite Integration

Because retail organizations rely on strong customer engagement and communication to stay afloat, having a cloud phone system integrated with G Suite is particularly helpful for this industry. Here are some of the benefits retailers can gain by integrating G Suite.

1. Better Customer Experience

G Suite for retail improves customer service by helping employees stay organized and provide consistent service across stores and call centers. For example, when employees all have access to Google Drive and Contacts, they can access everything from inventory lists and promotional pricing schedules to PR updates and customer contact information. Keeping all that information neatly organized in the cloud (rather than buried in everyone's inbox) ensures employees always have the most up-to-date information.

Integrating G Suite with a business phone system unlocks even more customer service functionality by keeping employees better informed. When a customer calls a store or support center, for example, incoming screen pops display caller details from Google Contacts so the company representative knows who she's talking to and likely what the person is calling about. Throughout the conversation, she can add details about the interaction in the call activity window to automatically update the Contact.

By making customer service reps faster and more informed, G Suite integration provides a better experience for customers whether they're in the store or on the phone.

2. Reduced Costs Through Operational Efficiency

Faster, more informed employees don't just provide better customer service. They get everything done more efficiently, and that time saved is money earned. Features like click-to-call, automatic call logging, and calendar syncing help keep teams connected, productive, and on the same page, no matter where they're located.

G Suite integration also makes it easier for teams to collaborate, gather and share data, and communicate on the fly, which is especially useful for regional managers who juggle multiple stores or branches. Every minute saved looking for the right document or contact information, logging calls, or even dialing the phone becomes an extra minute that can be used for tasks that drive revenue or delight customers.

3. Improved Employee Training

Whether retail employees are spread across different locations or just working different schedules, it can be difficult to get everyone in the same room for training and development or to share important information about new product launches, safety procedures, or marketing campaigns. It's not so hard to get everyone on a Google Hangout.

Better yet, retail organizations can record those Hangouts and store them on Google Drive for on-demand training and knowledge preservation. With phone system integration, it's even easier to ensure everyone has quick access to Hangouts from verifiable company phone lines, even if they're using mobile devices.

As for call center training, managers can run detailed reports on each representative's voice activities with just a click of a button and use that information (along with call recordings) to provide one-on-one coaching.

4. Synced Tasks and Calendars

Thanks to syncable Google Calendars and Tasks, managers can easily create, share, and modify schedules for shift workers and assign tasks to employees. Schedule changes are automatically updated across the entire team's Calendars. Employees can include notes or update their status on specific Tasks, providing one centralized location for housing scheduling information.

Integrating G Suite into an existing phone system and enabling click-to-call functionality makes scheduling even easier. If an employee needs to switch shifts at the last minute, he can see who might be available and call his manger or co-worker directly from the Google Calendar.

5. Faster Speed to Market

When it comes to launching new products, faster collaboration means faster innovation. With G Suite, teams can quickly and securely share information across departments and locations, and even with outside vendors, creative agencies, and resellers. Everyone has access to the same up-to-date product information and, just as importantly, contact information for everyone involved in the project. With phone system integration, they can get each other on the phone or a Google Hangout with just the click of a button.

These are just a few ways that cloud phone systems become even more valuable with G Suite integration. So if your retail organization is looking for a leg up on productivity and customer service, G Suite is the way to go.

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