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Cloud Contact Center Solutions: UCaaS is Driving the Future of Customer Service

This article was updated on July 6, 2021

The future of enterprise business communications is based in the cloud. Unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) cloud contact center solutions are empowering enterprises to build and scale next-generation contact centers, putting customer satisfaction at the heart of evolving technology and opening incredible pathways to efficiency and scale.

The transformation has been profound. In the past, organizations had to build out separate contact centers and pay for the installation and maintenance that went with them. Or, companies managed contact center solutions by tacking on components to existing private branch exchanges.

By comparison, UCaaS cloud contact center solutions are built on elegant and hardware-light approaches. They offer massive advantages in the form of shortened deployment time, dynamic responsiveness, and the ability to grow at the pace of business over time.

Up and Running: Cloud Contact Center Solutions Deploy Quickly

In the history of contact center technology, on-site installation has been an obstacle to first-day functionality. Put simply, enterprises have had to wait weeks for engineering teams to finish the job. The cloud can free organizations from that constraint, allowing deployment in days, sometimes hours. Less lost time means a competitive advantage, especially in a marketplace that puts a premium on speed of response.

Routing Gets Smarter as Contact Load Intensifies

For a successful enterprise, the volume of incoming communications is always going to grow. With UCaaS contact center solutions in place, that doesn't have to pose a problem. The cloud-based system automatically prioritizes and dynamically routes users to where they can be helped first, best, and most efficiently. For teams that are geographically remote, UCaaS is also a mobility solution, plugging the enterprise's best resources into a miles-agnostic ecosystem for every conversation.

Every Interaction is Multichannel

Nothing drives a customer crazier than having to repeat him or herself to every new participant in the course of a single interaction. But the unified communications environment can solve that problem. Voice, text, and every other channel available to the user can become part of a whole-customer view that tracks and informs every participant, empowering real-time conversations at every step. Since change is the only constant when it comes to technology, UCaaS is ready for what's next in contact center customer service. From artificial intelligence to chatbots, when business communications transform, cloud contact centers transform with them.

The good news is that as the technology behind cloud contact center tools advances and price points drop, support and service will also emerge as key differentiators in the UCaaS space.

Scalability as a Feature

Whether a business is expanding or right-sizing, communications need to change over time. A room or suite full of expensive contact center hardware is an inefficient way to respond to this reality — a cloud-based solution that can scale at the push of a button is always a better fit. That means no more patchwork fixes to volume overload scenarios and no more over-investment when business demands adjust. Scalability is an always-on element of the approach.

Solutions Support: Questions to Ask Potential Cloud Contact Center Providers

Understandably, when enterprises approach customer care solutions they want to be assued that they will be provided with the best support every step of the way. Before you move forward with any vendor, ask yourself these key questions:

  1. Does this vendor provide staff specialists who can address everything from fiber to VoIP particulars?
  2. Does the UCaaS network feature live proactive status monitoring?
  3. Does this solution support metrics? If so, ask to see historical support metric data, including speed of response.

These questions can help make sure you can define a high level of service before you engage. in the end, as technology continues to advance and price points to drop, support and service have emerged as a real differentiator. That's good news for your business and even better news for your customers.

Cloud contact center solutions are ready to meet your enterprise business communication needs. Reach out and learn more about UCaaS Vonage Business resources, and contact a representative for additional insights.

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