Corporate Donation Supports American Red Cross Disaster Relief

Vonage Business Proud of Its Red Cross Partnership

The American Red Cross this week recognized Vonage Business for its continuing support including a donation of over $39,000 to Red Cross Disaster Relief. The donation comes on the heels of winter storms that debilitated the Southeast and much of the nation, prompting a coordinated, multi-state Red Cross relief effort that exemplifies the dedicated work of the organization.

“We’re honored to be an active charitable partner with the American Red Cross,” says Vonage Business VP Chris Rabbu. “Their work in disaster relief is inspiring and well known, but as we’ve worked closer with the American Red Cross, we also see how they are involved day-in and day-out within our local communities – and that’s important to all of us.”

For Vonage Business, the Red Cross instinct for emergency preparedness complements its own services and mission. In fact, many of Vonage’s business VoIP phone features are specifically designed to assure business continuity through power outages, downed phone lines or even loss of internet. The recent winter storm also serves as a reminder of the sobering financial impact that can result from business downtime.

Vonage’s latest Red Cross donation was assisted by a structured program that designated a percentage of new customers’ first-month service charges for Disaster Relief.

“There’s been something special and rewarding about this program, particularly because our new customers are involved in supporting the cause and our employees have been conscious of the donation growing over time,” Rabbu continues. “We have also been approached by other businesses interested in learning more about our program. They seem to like the active, ongoing participation involved, which ultimately leads to a meaningful donation.”

Vonage Business employees are also exploring other activities with the American Red Cross, such as the “Red Cross Ready” program, CPR training and an upcoming blood drive. The “Red Cross Ready” program is particularly interesting to the Vonage team and others after the recent weather emergency. It’s a practical program that teaches employees the basics of being prepared for unforeseen events, with practical and actionable tips.

“We think about business continuity quite a bit – for our customers and for our own company – and emergency preparedness is fundamental to this,” says Rabbu. “The Red Cross realizes that by educating and preparing our employees, we are then empowered to teach our own families. We like that, and it’s just another reason we’re passionate about our support of the Red Cross.”

Written by Vonage Staff

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