Customer Engagement Reimagined at the Inaugural Vonage-Nexmo Advisory Council

Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, hosted its first Advisory Council meeting last month in San Francisco, and by all accounts, the gathering was a smashing success! Our intent was to assemble a group of executive-level stakeholders whose companies—digital natives, enterprises, software partners and integrators—were actively navigating the uncertainty of creating new business models and revenue sources within their digital transformation journeys.

Digital transformation isn’t a new concept. But as companies embark on their individual transformation, many are finding they need to reimagine how they engage customers, which is requiring them to define new business models. Our Advisory Council participants were especially eager to find different and better ways to engage with their customers. Accordingly, our primary focus was on customer engagement, and our goal was straightforward: let’s collaborate and share our ideas of how to better leverage communications APIs to enhance customer engagement.

As host, Nexmo provided Advisory Council participants with the opportunity to engage in dialogue and consume thought leadership that would help them reimagine the customer experience for their enterprises and serve as change agents. The meeting offered practices and roadmaps for change and transformation, as well as guidance from Silicon Valley digital native companies that have already embraced cloud communications API platforms.

In attendance was a wide range of participants, from digital native customers to leading enterprises, representing important industry verticals such as retail, banking, and consumer products. Also included were leading software partners and integrators in the technology sector. All came away with a new awareness and knowledge of tools and methods needed to transform their organizations with APIs and cloud tech.

Guest speakers included:

According to IDC’s Mark Winther, “The Advisory Council meeting was a great way to collaborate and create cross-functional value exchange between the organizations who are doing the work to define and deploy the future of customer engagement. Nexmo is literally creating its own addressable market as it continues to educate the enterprise market.”

The event was such a great success that Nexmo is planning to expand this type of engagement globally by adding similar events in EMEA and APAC, as well as continuing to host thought leadership interactions and meetings in the US.

If you’re a business or technical leader looking to change or enhance the way your organization engages with customers and wish to participate in our future events, please email us.

Guillermo Quintero Product Leader - Auth & Identity

Guillermo supports the team focused on Authentication & Identity solutions for Vonage’s API customers. He is responsible for leveraging new technologies to help combat fraud in an increasingly digital economy. He is a die-hard Chelsea Football fan and endurance sports junkie, often following professional bike races and planning the next trail adventure.

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