Customer Focus: Brightpearl Use NewVoiceMedia for Real-time Flexibility

This post is part of our Customer Focus series where we look at real-life stories from NewVoiceMedia clients.

Brightpearl are a high-growth technology start-up based in Bristol, UK but with customers in the US and across the world. Brightpearl provides an innovative all-in-one business software solution for small businesses who find larger Enterprise-focused solutions too complex and too expensive.

The service includes webstores, point of sale, inventory control, purchasing, invoicing, CRM and accounts among others. Small businesses can run their entire process through Brightpearl which puts them in a position of huge responsibility when it comes to customer support.

Dave White, Director of Services and Support for Brightpearl says "For many of our customers we are the entire business process. If they have questions or queries regarding their use of Brightpearl then we need to give them the answer as soon as possible to get them trading again."

Brightpearl are still a small team for the growth they are experiencing, and that means that every support head needs to be available when Dave needs them.

"A couple of weeks ago one of my support team couldn't get into the office because his car wouldn't start. Normally this would have meant I was a head down, but I was able to login to ContactWorld, changed his DDI to his home number, and he started work as part of the service desk on time – just working from home."

"And just last week one of my guys had a burst pipe at home and simply couldn't come in to work. Again, not his fault, but I needed him taking calls so we switched the numbers and he worked from home that day"

Dave remembers the NewVoiceMedia buying process and mentions of ash clouds and snow as a need for DR.

"But to me, the last couple of weeks have showed that it's the tiny little situations that this solution helps with. A broken car, a burst pipe and we carried on supporting customers."

Dave says that now he's used the flexibility reactively he's now starting to use it proactively. "We run a late shift for supporting our US clients and in the past this was worked from within the office. But for a couple of our team this resulted in them waking up young families when they returned home late at night."

Dave has now implemented home working for these members of staff when on night shifts. "It's made us a much more flexible employer, we've sorted a personal issue for our team members and its improved their morale which filters into better customer service for our clients."

Looking to the future Dave is not concerned about the increasing business coming from Brightpearl's US operations. "I don't need to worry about running a second contact centre in the US. I just build out one single virtual contact centre consisting of office and home based agents in the UK and the US. Customers will get through to the most appropriate support person at that moment wherever they are in the World."

For more information about Brightpearl and their innovative cloud based business management software solution visit the Brightpearl website.

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Have you used technology to become a more flexible employer? Have cloud solutions given you unexpected benefits once you've implemented them?
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