Customer Love: Nuts and Bolts Media

We were pleased to wake up this morning to a great review by one of our valued customers, Andrea Whitmer of Nuts and Bolts Media. Andrea is the owner and primary designer of this web design firm in Kentucky that provides web design, website hosting and consulting services for small businesses.

Andrea notes in her review that from her interaction with one of the sales reps in our office in Atlanta (yep, we all work in downtown Atlanta together - no outsourcing here) to getting a competitive price to match her budget, Vocalocity won her business. Welcome, Andrea!

In response to some of the "Cons" on Andrea's list, we did want to note that we have several options to counter some common VoIP issues.

  • Call Continuity for When the ISP Goes Down: By setting up Call Continuity (free with every extension) you can have all calls automatically forwarded to your cell phone in the event that your Internet goes down. It ensures that you'll never miss an important call.
  • Admin UI Navigation and Setup: We're working on a thorough blog post about how to navigate the core elements of the new Admin UI, but customers can already go to our Admin UI Support section to view detailed instructions on how to do things like manage billing, add services, change settings and more.
  • Vocalocity Mobile: With the free mobile app, you can also configure your Never Miss a Call settings to forward calls, make your phones ring simultaneously, or use a "follow me" pattern where they'll sequentially ring a series of different phones. You can also view your call logs, or view your entire company directory to view extensions and see who's on the phone. And we're working on some big enhancements to the mobile app which we'll roll out to customers around February.

Written by Vonage Staff

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