Customer Service is an Intrinsically Rewarding Profession

Earlier this week we spoke with Vasudha Deming, VP of Global Learning for Impact Learning where we discussed tips for successful customer service training.

Towards the end of the conversation Vasudha said one phrase that really struck with us, and we felt it needed it’s own short post of it’s own.

“Customer Service is anintrinsicallyrewarding profession.”



"Customer Service is an intrinsically rewarding profession" #custserv #cctr #custexp

That is to say that the act of providing someone with the help they require feels great for both parties:

  • Fixing a billing issue
  • Providing a technical support solution
  • Assisting with a purchase

“All these simple acts of service provide an opportunity for both agent and customer to feel good about the transaction. Simply put, it feels good to be of service to someone!” adds Vasudha.

The act of customer service in a contact centre starts from this positive baseline. Every bit of negativity we experience around contact centres is therefore self inflicted – because of poorly implemented processes, badly trained or motivated staff, or poor use of customer data giving an impersonal experience.

Your customers have questions, and someone in your organisation has the answer. The quicker you get that answer to that question the closer you can come to theintrinsicallyrewarding experience of customer service for both your people and your customers.

Our thanks to Vasudha Deming of Impact Learning for this great phrase!

Written by Vonage Staff

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