Day 1 Dreamforce: What We Learned

What a great day at Dreamforce. Is everyone as exhausted as me? There were amazing sessions abound and networking ops galore. Did you manage to do everything you wanted? Probably not. But that’s ok there is more on the way!

Things some of us learned the hard way today:

  • Wear comfortable shoes

If you feel like you have cement feet and jello legs, know that you aren’t alone. Dreamforce is a marathon, not a sprint. So those of us who forgot our marathon shoes will surely pay the price. If you were working or attending the expo floor, I’m sure your Fitbit step counter is through the roof. Don’t want sore feet tomorrow? I’d suggest keeping a spare pair of comfort shoes stashed near-by for in between meetings. We all want to look sharp, but let’s not keel over because of it.

Break up your day with some educational sessions that allow for butts in seats. As a suggestion, you might want to watch the AppExchange Demo Jam tomorrow. Sit back and let those vendors duke it out for your approval!

  • Get there early

Keynote attendees might have noticed that sessions can be a first come, first serve mad dash. If you have a MUST SEE session dog eared. Give yourself a minimum of 30 minutes to beat the lines.

If you see short lines, take advantage. I’m sure you saw the line for those NewVoiceMedia cookies at booth 1917. Let’s just say our morning crew was able to dish out a little more generously to a few lucky Dreamers.

  • Focus on others
If you learned anything from day 1 it’s this: Everyone has a story. Conversations seem so organic at Dreamforce, don’t they? You will meet tons of fascinating people who have interesting intersections with your line of work throughout the week. Make sure to listen, engage and make valuable connections. Don’t get caught-up on a sole purpose of selling, or learning, or filling your rolodex. Remember that the best connections aren’t staged. Keep an open mind and an open ear this Dreamforce.

…And keep dreamin’!

Written by Vonage Staff

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