Designing an Omni-channel Strategy (INFOGRAPHIC)

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the way customers want to interact with your business. You can no longer rely on them dialling your number when they have a problem and talking to a customer service agent. There are hundreds of ways they could contact you and they may well try several different ways to get the information they want.

However, make no mistake: your customers are not aware that by clicking out of a webchat session and picking up the phone that they are ‘changing contact channel’. And they do not care. All they are concerned with is getting their query answered in the easiest, quickest way possible.

To maintain consistent customer service levels, it’s vital that you start thinking in terms of the customer journey and the conversation you are having with them, rather than the platform for that conversation.

Check out this infographic to discover the business case for harnessing omni-channel, and the six steps to creating an effective strategy. Then download the free whitepaper to find out more about how multiple channels can help you reduce costs, increase sales and boost customer satisfaction.

Claudia Thorpe
Claudia Thorpe

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