Disruption Conquers All – Investors Keep Backing the Cloud

There are 14 million call centre seats globally attracting a total spend per annum of £500bn. Some £5-£10bn of this is spent on technology purchases which have traditionally been built around on-site technology.

That is all changing, as companies start to acquire technology to drive their call centres through the cloud rather than via on-premise equipment. In fact growth in this sector comes from cloud vendors which are driving 22% CAGR (Source: Gartner). Why? The answer is clear; Cloud delivers a better user experience for both the agents and the customer; it does this for no capital investment, quicker and more flexibly; and with greater levels of security, availability and continuity.

Customer interest and financial investment are creating something of a frenzy in the cloud as Maija Palmer noted in her FT article last week.

I believe that technologies that allow companies to be more efficient, flexible and responsive to customers will continue to attract investment and create disruption in legacy markets.
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