Friday Feature: Start Recording Applet

This post is part of our Friday Feature series where we look at a part of the NewVoiceMedia platform that you might not be familiar with but we think you might find useful!

In this week’s Friday Feature we are looking at the Start Recording Applet. Within our platform you have the ability to records calls as you would expect, but we have some suggestions about how you might implement that in your call plan.

Why record calls?

To kick off you should spend some time mapping out why it is that you want to record calls in the first place. It could be for any of these:

  • Compliance (FSA regulations or PCI compliance perhaps)
  • Proof of what was said
  • Staff training and development
  • Measuring customer satisfaction

Your reasons for recording calls will determine what portion of the call you need to retain.

For compliance purposes you may need to record the fact certain parts of your script have been delivered to the caller prior to offering them advice.

If you just need proof of what was said then you might only need to start recording at the point when a caller is connected with an agent.

However, if you really want to use your call recordings to further improve your customer’s experience then its essential to record right from the time they land on your welcome message.

If at the end of a call you receive a poor customer satisfaction survey from a caller then as we’ve discussed in previous Friday Features this should be flagged up immediately. A supervisor is then able to listen to that call recording instantly and understand the complete experience the caller has received:

  • Welcome message
  • Multi-option, multi-tier IVR
  • Viscous circle IVR menu
  • Extensive queuing with un-personalised in-queue announcements
  • Arriving at an agent without the right skills to deal with the query

Your caller has had quite an experience before they get anywhere near an agent and so it is unfair to suggest that the caller “just arrived with anattitude.”

Placing your Start Recording Applet as early as possible in the call plan enables you to learn rapidly about what generates a high customer satisfaction score versus a poor one.

If you don’t want to maintain this level of recording for all of your calls, why not implement a Percentage Based router to split off 10% of your calls and start recording early on this subset?

We hope this Friday Feature was of use. Where do you start your call recording today? Have you used call recording to help optimise your call plan? Why do you record your calls? We’d love to know what you think in the comments section below.

Written by Vonage Staff

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