Gartner Discusses Key Issues Facing SaaS Industry

In a recent report discussed here, leading technology research firm Gartner Group discussed recent trends in the adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions by enterprise IT organizations. Not surprisingly, the report shows a steady increase in adoption of SaaS, as users become more familiar with the technology and as more positive examples are prominently available. Certainly the dramatic growth of NewVoiceMedia's partner underscores the trend.

A couple of interesting points were made in the report. First, it is now more common for enterprises to be either replacing premise-based software with SaaS solutions or starting brand new deployments directly as SaaS, whereas earlier SaaS had generally been used to augment existing premise-based solutions. This is a major watershed in the transition, that seems inevitable, to a cloud-dominated software marketplace.

The second interesting point is that two of the more common challenges facing enterprises considering the adoption of cloud-based solutions are the lack of available integrations to existing software and the lengthy implementation process that often occurs with SaaS deployments. Why I found this particularly interesting is that these challenges align directly with two of NewVoiceMedia's strongest features.

NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld product is very easy to integrate with web-based systems (or with systems that have web services interfaces), and it is already pre-integrated at a deep level to the leading SaaS CRM platform— Moreover, ContactWorld deployments are routinely completed very quickly and inexpensively (often in only one or two weeks). So the biggest challenges in moving to SaaS, at least from Gartner's perspective, provide two very good reasons to seriously consider NewVoiceMedia and ContactWorld for your contact center, since these challenges are directly addressed by our core strengths.

It's always nice to hear from the industry's leading analyst that we are on the right track!

Brian Galvin
Brian Galvin

Brian joined NewVoiceMedia in July 2011 as Chief Science Officer. He has 30 years experience in technology-focused enterprises including AMD, SAIC and Genesys. He heads NVM Labs, the research arm of NewVoiceMedia.

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