Is Germany the Natural Base for Customer Care in Europe?

Germany’s call centre industry is growing rapidly.

A recent industry overview by Germany Trade & Invest reports year-on-year growth in the sector. Since 2000, the number of contact centres in the country has increased from 2,700 to almost 7,000, employing nearly 250,000 people and generating over €12 billion per year in revenue.

If you’re an investor considering Germany, there’s a wide range of factors that have made the country the talk of the contact centre industry.

A leading economy

Germany is Europe’s largest national economy. It’s also the world’s fourth largest economy and third biggest global exporter. With native speakers in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and several other European countries the German speaking market is also the biggest on the continent, making it a magnet for both domestic and foreign investors.

An educated workforce

Germany boasts a world-class education system. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reveals that 86% of the population between 25 and 64-years-old have at least a college level qualification. At the same, Germany ranks in the top 10 of the EF English Proficiency Index, making it an attractive prospect for international companies looking to establish a contact centre in central Europe.

High levels of computer literacy

In addition to highly qualified personnel, Germany ranks 15th in the Networked Readiness Index. This means that the country seamlessly integrates information and communications technology into everyday life and business. High levels of computer literacy also ensure Germany is ideally placed to fully leverage developments within ICT for future success.

Massive digital growth potential

The Global Retail E-Commerce Index ranks Germany as the second largest online retail market in Europe, second only to the UK. However, unlike the UK, where ecommerce growth is slowing down as the market matures, Germany’s digital potential continues to grow.

Providing a seamless omnichannel experience is only going to become a bigger priority for all retailers across Europe. To this end, Germany’s networked readiness and high levels of computer literacy put the county in an ideal position to meet the service needs created by the way people shop today.

A robust investment network

From the outside looking in, Germany’s tax system can seem complicated. However, the German parliament recently introduced a series of tax reforms to help foreign investors. And, as tax varies locally, it’s also possible to find significantly lower rates in some German municipalities.

In terms of eligibility, Germany treats foreign and domestic investors the same. German Missions in the UK reveals that support for investors ranges from regulated frameworks that bolster security to cash incentives for investing in labour, research or development.

NewVoiceMedia in Germany

In light of these statistics, it’s hard to argue against Germany having become the natural base for customer care in Europe. As a leading global provider of inside sales and contact centre technology that helps businesses sell more, NewVoiceMedia has also seen significant growth in the country and recently opened a new office in Munich.

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John Bacon
John Bacon

John Bacon is Vice President of Europe at NewVoiceMedia

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