How Bullhorn Cloud Technology Can Help You Find the Right Job Candidates

Despite its straightforward goal, recruiting is never a simple process. Regardless of the industry, so much goes on behind the scenes when finding the right person for a job. Fortunately, modern technology solutions for staffing, such as the Bullhorn CRM integration, have made this much easier. Technology has become an incredibly important part of locating and attracting the right talent.

Great communication is critical to recruiting, and Bullhorn cloud makes communication easier.

From online resumes to social networking sites such as LinkedIn, recruiters and hiring managers have never had so much actionable information at their fingertips. The question is, what technology — like the Bullhorn cloud CRM — are you missing out on that could make staffing a more efficient and accurate affair? Like most things these days, the answer lies in the cloud — cloud communications, to be more specific, particularly those solutions that integrate with business applications.

Staffing in the Cloud and on the Go

According to CNBC, there are 6.7 million job openings available in the United States, marking a key concern for HR departments in nearly every industry. When it comes to filling these openings through staffing and recruiting efforts, communication is key. On any given project, you'll need to conduct research on job requirements, the talent pool, and any number of other pertinent aspects. Bullhorn CRM integration and JobDiva, another leading CRM for talent recruitment, make all of these tasks easier.

How does that work? Like any CRM, each serves as a highly organized and accessible information repository. This allows you to grab important information such as qualifications, job experience, and professional network information, all on the fly. Advanced reporting functions then allow you to place customized parameters around the data you're looking for and then let the cloud find the right talent for you. You can even save your search results for easy access on demand.

With the right information just a click away, you can source excellent candidates in record time. You can also tap the same insights while on the go via a handy mobile app, entering additional details about a candidate immediately after meeting with them to get a complete picture of their qualifications and suitability for a position as the recruitment process takes shape.

If you have a pool of candidates to contact and track, do it all from your web browser while taking notes, recording calls, and updating project tasks in the same platform.

Communicating With Candidates and Clients

Okay, okay, that all sounds great, but what does it have to do with communication? As useful as it is to have all that information at your fingertips, it means next to nothing without the ability to act on it.

In a traditional setting, you would have to pull out your notepad, compile a list of candidates to call, and maybe scribble some important notes to keep in mind next to each one. Then, you know, you have to make the actual call.

In this scenario, you can bounce back and forth between candidates and clients, relaying updated information on each project. While CRMs excel at the information aspect, you'd still need one more piece of the technology puzzle to truly tie things together in an efficient manner.

The Benefits of JobDiva and Bullhorn Cloud Integration

The logical solution is a cloud-based communication platform that can integrate tightly with the Bullhorns and JobDivas of the world to facilitate fluid communication of the information they hold. Combining these two technologies changes the game.

Instead of bouncing from software to notepads to phone systems, you can access all information and communication tools from the same view. For instance, you can pull up a candidate's LinkedIn page straight from her Bullhorn CRM entry while simultaneously chatting with her through the call pop-up. Easily schedule appointments and follow-up tasks from her Bullhorn CRM record while on the phone, seamlessly moving the conversation forward. This saves time during the call, allowing you both to focus on what's most important — the opportunity at hand and whether there's a potential match to be made.

If you have a pool of candidates to contact and track, do it all from your web browser while taking notes, recording calls, and updating project tasks in the same platform. Create new contacts quickly, syncing them directly with candidates in the Bullhorn cloud so you don't miss a beat. Take and initiate calls from any device, letting your software automatically log inbound and outbound calls so you don't have to record each interaction by hand.

Boost Your Recruitment Productivity With Cloud Technology

Is your recruiting business process missing out on a technology boost? If you haven't found a way to integrate the information piece with communication, the answer is yes. Taking advantage of a cloud-based communication platform allows you to more efficiently connect the dots between candidates, clients, and the information locked away in your Bullhorn or JobDiva cloud.

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