How SMBs Can Use Instagram on the Web

Is your marketing budget tight, but you're still looking for ways to attract new customers without breaking the bank?

We like to help our small business customers find savvy ways to save while growing their business, which is why we're so excited that Instagram now offers profiles on the web! If you're not a smartphone or tablet owner, you may not have heard of Instagram but it is a free, cloud-based social photo sharing application that allows users to upload photos from their phone to an app.

See the example photos below as an idea of how you can be using Instagram to promote your business. Just take a photo of a something relevant, give it a helpful caption, and either share it by itself or connect other social accounts for maximum social exposure.

Free Promotion Ideas for Small Business

Many small businesses use Instagram to take photos of their services, specials or features and promote them for free via the mobile app. Now, with the web profile, business owners can easily promote different aspects of their business and have them be highly visible on the web. Link to Instagram photos in your blog, your website, or share on your other social media profiles.

  • Restaurants: Upload photos of the menu board, food photography, or photos of special events or sports nights. By adding a geographical hashtag like #atlanta or adding a sports team like #falcons to your photo of the football game on your restaurant's big screen TV, you can help regulars and potential customers find you based on their interests.
  • Retail and e-Commerce: Add photos of new shipments, clearance items or window displays. Especially for the holiday season, taking photos of gifts and accessories is a great way to tell your followers about new apparel or retail items that would make great presents.
  • Travel Agents: Post photos of exotic locations, upcoming destinations and special offers. When you hashtag #getaway or #tropics during a particularly bleak January, you could find snowbound customers who are looking for a last-minute getaway or a spring break deal.
  • Traditional Offices: Do you offer services instead of goods? Why not create a page for your team that highlights your company's charitable activities, team-building events, office activities or community participation? You can also provide sneak previews of upcoming product launches and websites to keep customers and prospects engaged.

NOTE: Hashtags don't seem to work on the web version yet, but the mobile and tablet versions are 100% supported.

How do you use cloud apps and technology to promote your business? Have you gotten new customers via Instagram or social media?

Written by Vonage Staff

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