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Intelligent Messaging for Your CRM: Introducing Nexmo Messages API for Salesforce

This article was updated on July 6, 2021

How do you reach your customers and prospects on their preferred communication channels and manage those interactions directly in Salesforce? Easy: you integrate the Nexmo Messages API, our multichannel messaging solution delivered via a single API, directly into your Salesforce environment.

Nexmo Messages API for Salesforce, powered by Billennium, allows you to access SMS, MMS, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, and Viber Service Messages within a standard Salesforce Apex class. That means you can call our Messages API from anywhere within your Salesforce environment. Whether you are a developer building an app or an administrator creating a simple flow, the Messages API is a simple mechanism for integrating an omnichannel strategy into your CRM.

In fact, Nexmo Messages API for Salesforce enables you to easily launch an intelligent messaging strategy. Use proven engagement tactics such as omnichannel notifications, customer support messaging, and broadcast marketing campaigns to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce Salesforce Clouds are all supported.

One-Click Integration

Integrating Nexmo Messages API for Salesforce couldn’t be simpler for Salesforce users, administrators, and developers. All it takes to add multichannel messaging capabilities is one click; just download the Nexmo Messages API package and click on the Deploy to Salesforce button. Be up and running in a matter of minutes. (Watch this integration demo to see how simple it is.)

Once deployed, users can build messaging flows and developers can invoke the API from the Apex class within their application. They also can enhance those flows with real-time AI by using Nexmo’s WebSockets feature to connect to services such as IBM Watson, which opens the door to intelligent communication experiences like real-time chatbots.

By delegating the complexity of multichannel messaging to a single API, admins and developers also save time and resources. The Nexmo Messages API takes care of the integration and message delivery, and it manages all the required software updates. Salesforce partners can use Nexmo Messages API for Salesforce, as well, to enhance their value-added solutions and get to market faster.

How Does It Work?

Nexmo Messages API for Salesforce integrates directly into your Salesforce applications within a standard Salesforce Apex class, providing access to the most popular messaging channels.

With Nexmo Messages API for Salesforce deployed, you can create rich, innovative messaging experiences within your workflows using standard tools like Process Builder and Einstein Bot Builder.

Getting Started

Nexmo Messages API for Salesforce is available today on GitHub. Download and deploy the package to get started, as demonstrated in our installation video, where you will also see how to create a multichannel messaging flow using Process Builder.

For some inspiration, watch how SMS Magic powers their multi-channel messaging solution for marketing, sales, and customer service with Nexmo Messages API for Salesforce.

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