Keeping Up to Date with Contact Centre Technology

One in a series of "20 Reasons to Host Your Contact Centre in the Cloud"

I love technology, gadgets and kit which helps me do stuff I want to do. I hate having to keep up to date with whatever the latest new "thing" will do and then having to decide whether I need to trade up now, or later when something else "new" is available.

Take my TV. Watching sport or a great movie on a big HD screen is amazing; I just couldn't believe the detail I was missing out on before. Sure it looked fine before HD, but once I saw it in HD, that's what I wanted.

It took me ages to save up for a bright and shiny new HDTV - I've even managed to watch some HDTV on it - and I love it. So do all my friends, and everyone I know that has bought HDTV thinks its well worth the money.

So now, what happens? That's right 3DTV and now I've seen that, I want that as well. Sport looks incredible, and even if I do have to wear a pair of glasses to watch it, I don't care - because its new technology adding value to my social telly watching. But it's another big outlay to replace the equipment I've already got.

And this is how legacy on-premise equipment is sold. Once you've bought the latest bit of kit you are typically looking at 5-7 years before you will replace it. Technology can move on a long way in that time. And if you want to upgrade what you have before then, you're probably going to need some extra time and money to do it.

What's the alternative? Cloud contact centres. As a multi-tenant cloud solutions provider we invest in technology so that is always up to date and all our customers can benefit from this investment made on their behalf.

As we continuously invest in infrastructure, it improves the service for everyone - they're all using the latest technology that's available to them.

We have a single product as well - as soon as we deploy an upgrade or feature release its available to all of our customers.

Now, if I can just persuade Sony to follow a similar model, I'll always have the latest TV as well.

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Tim Pickard
Tim Pickard

Tim joined NewVoiceMedia in July 2011 with over 20 years' experience as a leader in the IT industry. He served as VP and board member of RSA Security's international business for seven years where he ran marketing in EMEA, Asia Pacific and Japan. He spent two years as Chief Marketing Officer for SaaS/Cloud-based email management provider Mimecast.

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