Mobile Cloud Technology: 4 Benefits for SMBs

On the surface, it may seem that mobile cloud solutions are meant only for large companies. On the contrary, quite the opposite is true: In many ways, small- and medium-sized businesses stand to benefit most from cloud technology. While these capabilities would previously have been accessible only to enterprise-grade brands with deep pockets, affordable cloud technology is now available to businesses with budgets of any size.

Thanks to mobile cloud solutions, SMB employees can enjoy a more level playing field.

Most importantly, mobile cloud levels the playing field for smaller brands, allowing them to "look larger" while providing the personalized service that's not always possible at big companies. With this technology in their business arsenals, SMBs stand to reap the following benefits:

1. Improved Productivity

When using cloud technology, your mobile app can tie every call into the office phone system. Instead of employees being limited to the calling features on their mobile phones, they now have access to most features on the office system. This means they can now start a conference call, forward calls, and even record calls for training purposesall via their smartphone. As the phone service provider adds new features, employees automatically have access to them from whatever phones they use, improving productivity and ease of use.

2. More Satisfied Customers

Customers today expect assistance right away. So, when consumers have to wait for a response, it can very well affect their satisfaction. With mobile cloud technology, employees are reachable at any time, regardless of the location in which they're working. The same applies to outbound calls: When employees use the mobile app, caller ID shows a call from the business — whether employees are at their desk or working from home. The result: Customers don't have to wait for representatives to return to their desk to reach them.

3. Flexibility for Employees

No one wants to carry two phones. Yet at the same time, employees may not want to answer calls from customers on their personal phone account. By using cloud-based mobile technology, employees can use a single mobile phone but have two profiles — one for personal use, and one for business when they use the mobile app. Employees could be making or receiving calls from an airport, a ski lodge, or even home, and customers would see the same professional profile on caller ID. Employees get the best of both worlds: the ability to work from wherever they are while still maintaining privacy and a consistent business presence. This flexibility helps to foster a stronger work/life balance.

4. Effective BYOD Policies

When employees use mobile technology, companies are better able to track usage and access to ensure that they are keeping company information confidential. More companies may be willing to allow BYOD since they have the ability to monitor and control data using cloud technology.

Work/life balance has always been a struggle to achieve, but it's grown even more strained as customers' expectations have only increased. By using the cloud, you can please both your employees and your customers.

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