NewVoiceMedia’s $20m Expansion Fund

I've just read the super news that NewVoiceMedia has secured $20m funding for expansion internationally. Couldn't be more delighted. I've done a lot of work recently for webinars, articles and in contact centres, and have been really surprised at how slow progress has been in resolving some of the basic internal problems of on-premise technology; most significantly very poor system speed and reliability. In fact it seems to have reached a point where management almost dismiss, or ignore, this and look elsewhere for improving agent productivity and success. If they only asked their staff of course...

As this has been a continuous, and broad, problem, I have for some time looked around at other alternatives and innovations, and have become a fan of cloud technology, and seen it successfully in action. Whilst freely admitting that I do a little work for NewVoiceMedia, I can assure you that this primarily because I admire its development of this technology. My prime concern, dedication even, is to help organisations become better, even great, at customer service, and you don't get there by having slow, unreliable, systems that just demotivate your most important asset - your customer facing staff.

This new funding will I'm sure lead to an expansion and introduction of the technology for organisations in all sectors, both in the UK and internationally.

Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper

Until March 2009, Paul had been a director, and one of early team, of the Institute of Customer Service from 1998. During this time, he was responsible at various times for sales, marketing, PR and media. He spent much of his time speaking at conferences and in the media about all aspects of customer service, in the UK and internationally. Since leaving ICS, Paul continues to carry out speaking engagements, and has become a director of Customer Plus, a UK consultancy led by Richard Beevers, based in Duffield, specialising in customer service and marketing. In 2011, Paul was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Call Centre & Customer Service awards.

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