Nexmo Wins Top Industry Award for Voice API, Relaunches Voice Product Page

More often than not, innovation awards go to the new kids on the block.  When we hear a company designated with the term “startup,” we can’t help but think of new, exciting and innovative. With the exception of a very few older, Silicon Valley bastions of innovation, more established enterprises can find it extremely challenging to generate and implement new ideas and products.

That’s why, when a seasoned company gets recognized as a disruptor and innovator in their market, it is especially noteworthy.  Vonage—Nexmo’s parent company—has achieved this distinction: the Nexmo Voice API was bestowed this year’s “Fierce Innovation Award for Business Services”—a carrier-reviewed honor from the publisher of FierceWireless and FierceTelecom. (See last week’s press release.)

Applications for the Fierce Innovation Awards were reviewed by a panel of industry executives from leading telecommunications companies such as Sprint, Verizon Wireless and Telia Carrier AB and were evaluated based on criteria such as effectiveness, ease of use, ROI, true innovation and end-user impact.  We’re proud to say that the Nexmo Voice API came out on top … because, as more and more of our customers are discovering, our Voice API is helping to enhance and expand business applications in a variety of markets.  

The Nexmo Voice API gives developers an exceptional tool for creating high-quality voice applications with speed and flexibility. Our API enables companies of all sizes to bring personalized, contextual call experiences to their customers quickly and affordably. Backed by a reliable, high-quality global carrier network—including the Vonage network in the U.S., Nexmo’s Voice API integrates emerging technology including bots, artificial intelligence, and deep data analysis into new and existing voice solutions.

To support new and existing customers interested in integrating Voice into their applications, Nexmo also recently relaunched its Voice API product page. The new page presents specific information for both business users and developers. For example, business users may be interested to learn how Nexmo’s platform leverages its voice quality engine and outbound network to deliver the best voice experiences worldwide.

Developers, on the other hand, will prefer an introductory guide that highlights all of the great developer documentation, such as getting started guides and tutorials, to help them start building and testing voice within their applications quickly.

We couldn’t be more excited about both receiving the recent Fierce Innovation Award and unveiling our new Voice API product page, which will demonstrate how you and your company can make the most of Voice!  But don’t take our word for it … check it out for yourself!

Written by Vonage Staff

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