“Plug in” to QuickBooks: A New Functionality

If you’re an avid QuickBooks user, it’s probably hard to recall what life was like before adopting the impressive software. Whether you use it for tax purposes, point-of-sale records, payroll or any other purpose, you’re almost certainly enjoying increased efficiency since implementing what is arguably Intuit’s flagship product.

Over time, you’ve probably developed a set of QuickBooks best practices that work particularly well for your business. But just as you think your accounting procedures have reached the absolute pinnacle of efficiency, a new tool comes along to make your life even easier – enter the QuickBooks Plugin from Vonage’s cloud business phone system.

Picture this scenario: A customer calls your business with a question about his or her last billing cycle. Instead of spending time opening QuickBooks and searching for the customer’s record – the customer’s QuickBooks information instantly pops onto your computer screen the moment the extension rings. No clicking through account records or asking the customer to wait patiently for just a moment. You can spring right into action, resolve the question quickly and move on to the next caller.

That’s the Intuit QuickBooks Plugin – the inexpensive add-on feature that’s quickly proving itself among businesses of all sizes, making it faster and easier to interact with customers.

How Does it Work?

What makes the QuickBooks Plugin’s cool functionality possible is the Vonage Business Desktop, the free application that extends the power and control of your phone system to your computer desktop. When you’ve got the QuickBooks Plugin and you’re logged into Desktop – you get the instant onscreen “pop” that links every inbound or outbound call with your QuickBooks account.

In addition to the time your business saves, customers on the other end of the call will appreciate the efficient, quick service you are providing. Even for customers who are in your system but may be calling from a different number than you have on file, the internal search box within the Plugin’s pop-up screen allows you to locate the information quickly as soon as you have the name of the caller. You can also configure the Plugin so that only the appropriate individuals in your organization have access to sensitive information such as accounts payable or customer financials.

Installing Desktop, Accessing the QuickBooks Plugin

Access to the many Plugins available within Vonage’s business phone system first requires the free Desktop to be installed. Desktop can be installed with a single click.

The QuickBooks Plugin is available for a small monthly fee and can be added to your account by calling Customer Care at 866-901-0242. Tell the representative on which extensions you wish to add the Plugin, and once the QuickBooks Plugin is added to your account – you’re ready to install it directly from the Desktop. That’s all there is to it!

Vonage Business's Desktop Plugin series is all about enabling customers with new and more efficient best practices. QuickBooks users are already passionate about improving operations and working smarter, so this Plugin is certainly a timely and time-saving addition to any business’s tool kit.

Written by Vonage Staff

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