Plugin & Call History Plugin Added with New Desktop Plugin – Sync your CRM with Real-Time Phone Data

The Plugin works with our Desktop to help identify your callers more efficiently. Desktop immediately presents the matching company’s contacts, leads and accounts in a screen pop when you receive the call. This lets you improve your sales, customer service and consulting efforts by enhancing the speed and quality of information available with each call.
Other features found inside the plugin:

  • Add notes
  • View activity
  • Open the record in Salesforce

If the caller is not already associated with a record in, you will be able to:

  • Use the search field to look for Salesforce records under any other name, phone number or account identifier
  • Create a new Contact, Account, or Lead

Call History Plugin – Quickly See Recent Calls and Voicemails

Every time a contact calls, the screen pop shows you previous phone calls with that person and provides access to voicemail.
With each caller, the Call History plugin presents information on previous calls including:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Direction
  • Length
  • Call Results
  • Total number of calls from the caller into your extension compared to the total calls to others within your company
  • Voicemail including the ability to play the voicemail and read the Voicemail Transcription (Voicemail Transcription will only be seen if purchased for your extension.)

Plus I love the calendar feature that allows you to quickly search and highlight calls on a selected day. It’s Free to all Vonage Business customers so check it out today!

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*The Plugin is compatible with the Service Cloud Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. Salesforce is a registered trademark of, inc.

Written by Vonage Staff

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