The State of the Predictive Dialler Market

Software Advice consults with over 100 buyers of auto diallers each year, collecting information about these buyers’ needs and businesses that yields crucial insights into the state of the auto dialler market. The firm’s analysis of its 2016 interaction data revealed several interesting trends among contact centres.

Out of all the needs Software Advice hears from potential auto dialler buyers, computer telephony integration (CTI) tops the list with 34 percent specifically requesting this feature. The report also revealed a growing number of small call centres utilising auto diallers (69% of buyers reported fewer than 10 users on a call centre system).

Among the findings were that:

  1. Very small call centres are heavily utilising auto diallers – 69 percent of the sample consists of buyers with 9 or fewer licensed users on the system.
  2. Seventeen percent of buyers are specifically requesting predictive diallers, as opposed to more basic types of auto diallers.
  3. Buyers are increasingly looking for diallers that are integrated into call centre suites, with 69 percent requesting integrated suites rather than stand-alone diallers.
  4. The most popular auto dialler feature was message lay-down, specifically requested by 7 percent of the sample (which includes buyers of contact centre suites).
  5. Diallers are increasingly used in remote call centres, with 8 percent requesting features such as mobile apps to support agents working from home.

Daniel Harris, market researcher for Software Advice, told us, “Diallers have been a healthy best-of-breed market since the 80s. However, 69 percent of the buyers in our sample are specifically looking for diallers that are pre-integrated with call centre suites. This finding suggests that increasingly, diallers aren't a niche telemarketing application, but an integral component in the contact centre application stack for mixed call centres as well as outbound call centres (we identified 13 percent of our sample as mixed and 17 as primarily outbound – other responses couldn't be definitively identified)".

Top functionality needs of predictive dialler buyers

A predictive dialler launches calls at a rate such that the system connects to ‘live’ callers as soon as a rep completes the previous call. Industry reports show that a dialler can increase the average number of dials per day by 73% for outbound prospecting and 49% for inbound qualification. It’s not surprising that CTI tops the list for users of this technology as the integration of contact centre software with a business’s CRM platform is a basic need for efficiently running outbound campaigns.

According to Harvard Business Review, sales reps that respond to leads within an hour are seven times more likely to have meaningful conversations with key decision makers than firms that try to contact prospects even an hour later. Yet only 37 percent of companies do so, with an average response time of 42 hours. With ContactWorld, Salesforce reports can be easily turned into dial lists which automatically refresh to push the hottest leads to the top – helping businesses stay ahead of the competition by enabling them to respond quickly.

A full overview of Software Advice’s findings, is available here.

For more information about our outbound contact centre solutions, visit our ContactWorld for Sales Dialler page.
Nicola Brookes
Nicola Brookes

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