Teleworking Best Practices

One of the perceived issues with teleworking is productivity – how do you know that your employees are actually fulfilling the “work” part of “work from home?”

Back in September 2011, our own Melissa Levine spoke at the Clean Air Campaign’s Telework Summit here in Atlanta, and fielded questions from the audience about productivity and employee oversight.

While the other panelists mostly agreed that it was up to employers to individually decide which metrics and benchmarks would best track off-site employee performance, Melissa was able to speak to Vocalocity’s Online Admin Portal and Dashboard. These free tools give managers and employers more detailed insight into employees' phone activity. Here are just a few benefits of our online access features:

  • Because VoIP is a digital technology, you’re better able to track and report on phone logs than you ever could with analog phone systems.
  • Our Online Portal gives account owners complete visibility into account history and Dashboard allows visibility into every extension in a phone system so that business owners can check in on call volumes, current call activity, and more.
  • And coming later this spring, we’re actually launching a redesign of our Admin Portal so that it’ll be easier than ever before to use.
  • And from an employee perspective, accessing all of Vocalocity’s VoIP features means that even when you’re working from home, you always have 100% access to your utilities.

For example, I have a feature called “On Demand Call Recording” on my phone line. Last week, I recorded an interview with someone and it saved in my account. Then, a few days later, I found myself working from home and needed to access the recording to transcribe it. No worries! I just logged into and quickly downloaded my call recording from “My Recordings.” I was able to access all of my information without any delay which meant that I transcribed the voicemail and was able to finish my project that same day.

Within the Online Portal, I can also change my Never Miss a Call settings, manage my active device, listen to voicemail and so much more. It’s a great utility for both business owners and employees to stay connected and make the most out of the teleworking experience.

Written by Vonage Staff

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