The Evolution of Call Centres #13

Welcome to The Evolution of Call Centres where I round up some of the more interesting and appealing news stories from the world of Call Centres, Cloud Computing and Hosted Contact Centres, sometimes adding a little commentary but always grouping the stories together in easy to digest snippets of information, knowledge, insight and ideas.

Customer Service

Here's a post on Frontline Employees not understanding good service. It's got some interesting points but it doesn't delve deeper in to how to change a work culture that's deeply rooted in bad service. It's not so easy to just tell people to offer better service, there's a wider approach needed, often needing to come from the top down. Systems that support and the autonomy to make decisions may all help to contribute. Still, it's a good starting point.

Scripted Calls

Here's a good post on Call Centre Helper about call scripts and some of the problems to avoid.

Supervisors need coaching too

Another good post by Melissa Kovacevic on Coaching the Supervisors.

Circumstances are changing

An honest and open letter from a contact centre manager to Wim Rampen who is seeing the business he works for more concerned with metrics and standards than excellent service. Interesting read.

Moving on from the post above, here is an article about Wall Boards which suggests they are a good way to measure against standards and metrics.......measuring performance against standards/metrics seems a common theme in today's contact centres.

IT Staff Change

Interesting article here about the role of IT changing, especially with the emergence of Cloud systems.

Social Media

More metrics on social media take-up within the business world.

Customer Centric

Building a company that is customer centric is the key to long term success, so says this piece here.


PCI security standards council adds PCI PIN to PTS standard. More here from Brian Pennington (@bfpennington on Twitter).

Sticking with the PCI theme, here is a report on how bad many companies are at compliance to standards.

Rob Lambert
Rob Lambert

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