The Evolution of Call Centres #15

Welcome to The Evolution of Call Centres where I round up some of the more interesting and appealing news stories from the world of Call Centres, Cloud Computing and Hosted Contact Centres, sometimes adding a little commentary but always grouping the stories together in easy to digest snippets of information, knowledge, insight and ideas.

The Evolution to a profit centre

Interesting article here which states from research conducted that a growing number of businesses are seeing contact centres as profit centres rather than the traditional cost centres.

It seems outstanding customer service is a differentiator in many markets now, meaning customer satisfaction is won or lost in the contact centre.

Here's some lists for you

Top ten summary of excellent customer service

12 Steps to customer excellence

5 Tips for getting the best results from your tech (Interesting how there is no mention of Cloud. That would be in my top tips for any tech; look to the cloud.)

Are social customer services worth it?

The social customer; a detailed report and summarisation of whether social customer service is worth it.

Customer Service Selection

Some good tips on customer service.

Not proven, new and still maturing?

Very interesting write up of the future of Call Centres. I found this very interesting because Cloud systems are still seen as very new and still maturing. I don't think it's fair to say there is little infrastructure in place and that voice is just about integrated. For us, it's been integrated from the start and our infrastructure is going from strength to strength. We also provide an unprecedented level of trust for the many people who are still dubious about cloud service. The future of call centres is very much cloud though…absolutely.

Cloud is the big thing

Another news source suggesting cloud is the big thing for 2012.

Really interesting article here on the success of Salesforce and how the competition are attempting to close in. There are some insightful thoughts on why success a few years ago may not always translate to success now. Delivering products to live often and with high quality takes a different mindset, which many "older" companies simply may not have. Great article.

Good article on how and why Cloud is so successful and will continue to grow for many markets.
Rob Lambert
Rob Lambert

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