The New and Improved Vocalocity Website!

We're proud to announce our new and improved web experience! As you likely know, Vocalocity prides itself on being a company dedicated to delivering an easy-to-use, business-class phone system to support small- and medium-sized businesses. And as we continue to expand, we took our customers' feedback about their interactive experiences to heart and redesigned our web experience.

Here are some of the new highlights of the site to help you find features, select a plan, and find out what current customers think about our phone service.

An Easy-to-Navigate Menu Bar

We've made it easier than ever to find information about plans, features, phones and resources. Bright blue menu items help you navigate through the site, and each of our pages are written to give you a thorough understanding of our features and how they can power your business.

New Features and Programs

Looking for our latest features or details about our referral program? Just check the bottom of the homepage. We've developed a separate area to give you an idea of our most current features and promotional programs that benefit you!

Easier to Get in Touch

When you're ready for a custom quote, our shorter contact form makes it fast and easy to connect with us. When you submit your information, a VoIP representative will contact you immediately to help you customize a plan.

Access Your Account, Submit a Support Ticket

It's clearer than ever how to get help.

  • Click "Account Login" to access either your Admin Portal or User Portal
  • Click "Support" to view helpful troubleshooting articles or submit a support ticket
  • And if you're a new customer, click "Contact"and fill out the form to have our sales reps call you back
  • Or, just get in touch with Sales directly by calling %tfn.number% or Customer Care by calling 1-866-901-0242.

Reviews and Testimonials

We have over 17,000 account holders and over 100,000 end-users who love using our system. Don't just take our word for it - easily navigate through our new Customer Success Stories section to view testimonials by real customers by industry. Interested in being a featured customer? Just click the "Share Your Story" link on the left side of the Customer Success page and we'll be in touch!

Built to Work for You

Like our customers, we're constantly evolving to figure out what works best for our stakeholders - you. We took your suggestions about developing easier-to-find features and plans and have created an experience that will help you understand how Vocalocity can work for your business.

Written by Vonage Staff

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