It's Time for Cloud Integrations

It’s Time For Cloud Integrations

It’s Time For Cloud Integrations

Learn how hidden efficiencies support your bottom line.

Ready for a productivity boost? Improve your team’s daily tasks and workflows by integrating your business applications with your phone system in the cloud.

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Screen pops: the information you need in real-time

When a call comes in, a screen pop is triggered, automatically surfacing customer details — helping your team make the sale, or if appropriate, upsell.
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Lost hours are lost revenue — not anymore!

With cloud integrations, client calls are tracked, logged, matched to a current contact — and most importantly, accounted for.
?15Jones Case: 15 minutes.Consultation with Smiths: ???161718
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Track notes, call activity, and everything in between

CRM software keeps you organized — and with a cloud integration, information is available without juggling platforms. That’s more time for customer issues, team projects or business tasks.
Prospect activityPartner logo?Click-to-callAnalytics in real timeCall reportingIntegrating voice data into workflowsContactmanagementAutomatedcall loggingReferencingcontacts
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Basic office tools are more powerful with cloud integrations

With cloud integrations, calls, notes, chats and emails are organized, sorted and searchable. Even team collaboration becomes easier.
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Real time is the only time that matters

Give your employees the information they need, when they need it. Empower your workforce to be more informed, streamlined, and collaborative. Cloud integrations make your company more efficient, productive, and profitable

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