Top Tips for Researching Hosted Business VoIP Phone Services

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As a business owner, you are constantly surveying the landscape to keep abreast of what the competition is doing. Especially in the last couple of years, the number of businesses switching to hosted business VoIP phone service has been hard to ignore. And true to your entrepreneurial instincts, you’ve always been prepared to consider any prudent technology upgrade that will keep your business near the top of the market. That moment may be now.

While moving away from your wire-based, legacy phone system may be a sound decision, it is well worth a solid research effort to find the right hosted business VoIP service for your growing business. The following tips will help you in your evaluation and decision process:

Cast Your “New” Technology Fears Aside

Upgrading to new technology often comes with concerns over performance and reliability, and with good reason. Fortunately, business VoIP is already a trusted and preferred tool among businesses, and the technology is poised to take over an even greater share of the market over the next several years. Why? Because those businesses that have switched have found this cloud-based solution to be just as reliable, or more reliable, than traditional landline systems. The technology infrastructure is certainly on par with analog systems from major providers, but with significantly more features.

Take the Long View of Costs and Savings

Like any technology upgrade, the switch to hosted business VoIP could require some minor upfront investment. However, the substantial monthly savings make it easy to recoup any initial cash outlay quickly. Most businesses today already have the required Internet infrastructure to take advantage of business VoIP. But a good provider will help you determine your bandwidth needs and whether new phones are recommended – before you switch – so the transition is as smooth as possible. Over the long haul, you’ll be impressed by what business VoIP can save you over a traditional system. In fact, research indicates that monthly savings can range from up to 50-80 percent.

Expect Assistance from Your Business VoIP Provider

The relative simplicity of switching to VoIP is a major benefit, but there is a good chance you’ll need some assistance as you transition to your new business phone system. Your business VoIP provider can be instrumental in helping you maximize your new system, from helping you determine your network’s compatibility with VoIP, to customizing the system to meet your specific needs. The responsiveness and long-term service commitment of your new provider is critical, so it’s important to evaluate providers’ ability to set clear expectations and actively guide you through an efficient onboarding and beyond.

Determine the Value of Your New Service

Businesses must be conscious of what they’re spending on every aspect of their operations. But selecting a business VoIP solution should not be based on the lowest monthly fee. Your business phone system is the lifeline of your business, so many aspects beyond price come into play: Can the system grow or contract with your business? Does the provider offer the most useful features for your organization? Does the provider’s accessibility and service infrastructure live up to expectations? Will you be bound by monthly or annual contracts? Like anything else, the key with selecting a new business phone service is maximizing its overall value to your business.

Switching to a quality business VoIP phone system can be refreshingly simple, particularly if you’ve done some upfront research. For a more in-depth look at the process of investigating business VoIP solutions, download Vonage Business Solution’s white paper, The Seven Best Tips for Researching Hosted VoIP Service.



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