Treating Callers Well - There's a Case to Be Made

Salesforce comes with some great capabilities for managing cases, or tickets, including automated escalations, entitlements and crowd storming. But what happens when a customer calls you with a case already open? What would be best practice? Certainly not routing the call to a generic support handling team, because it's quite likely to result in the caller having to re-explain the details of their problem.

Intelligent routing

Wouldn't it be great if the call was automatically routed to the owner of the case? What if you could give the caller the option of entering their existing case number, and even play a message saying "If you enter your case number now, we'll route your call to the agent who is handling your case"?

Of course you need to deal with the possibility that the agent is already on a call. Again, it is possible to treat the caller with respect by giving them some options. "You can hold for the agent, or you can leave the agent a message and they'll call you back, or you can speak to someone else in the team".

More productive agents

So now your caller is getting better service. What about the agent? Using the above technique, it is more likely each agent will receive calls about issues they are already working on. When the call arrives, pop the case to the agent before they answer the phone so they are already prepared. Agents will spend less time bouncing around cases so productivity will improve.

This is a triple win. Better treatment for the caller, agents working on cases they already know something about, and productivity improved.

Finally, this shouldn't be a difficult thing for you to achieve. CTI used to imply enormous cost and time to set-up. These days, you can build this solution in under an hour.

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Paul Turner
Paul Turner

Paul is VP Benelux and Nordics at NewVoiceMedia.

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