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Vonage Dialer for Service Cloud Voice

This article was updated on March 1, 2023

For years, Vonage customers using CTI integration with Salesforce have enjoyed our Connect Dialer feature. Unfortunately, this same functionality has not previously been available for Service Cloud Voice … until now.

image of a cloud and bar chart, which depicts the Vonage Dialer for Service Cloud Voice feature

What Is Vonage Dialer for Service Cloud Voice?

The new Vonage Dialer for Service Cloud Voice automates the manual tasks within every sales call. Now your teams can take advantage of automated dialing from within Service Cloud Voice. The benefits include auto-logging, dynamic call lists, auto call recording, and voicemail drop — which all save valuable seconds and minutes that can be used for extra calls and research.

Why Do Customers Like the Vonage Dialer?

All customers want to increase sales rep efficiency by automating manual tasks and eliminating wasted time.

The ability to integrate an intelligent dialer with Service Cloud Voice — to deliver key customer insights and close business faster — is also atop every sales leader’s checklist. After all, being able to pull data like area codes, to intelligently decide what outbound number to present, increases prospect pick-up rates through personalised number presentation. Sales reps get to focus on the hottest leads first and always speak to the right people at the right time.

How Can the Vonage Dialer Help Your Business?

It all starts with helping customers to improve the CX they deliver, increase net promoter scores, reduce average handle time, and minimise churn. Take a look at some Vonage Contact Center customer stories.

Exciting news: Customers using Vonage for Service Cloud Voice can now leverage Vonage Connect Dialer benefits. Download our datasheet for more details. And speak to our experts today about Vonage Dialer for Service Cloud Voice and how it can help your business.


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