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Route Zendesk Tickets From Any Source Into Vonage Contact Center

This article was updated on March 25, 2022

Vonage has worked with customers who use Zendesk for many years. Some of those customers may have Zendesk as their only support or sales system. Or, in many cases, they use Zendesk for a specific department such as helpdesk or sales. That’s why Vonage has developed and improved its Zendesk integration — with Vonage Contact Center for Zendesk — to ensure that customers continue to receive the best possible outcomes.

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What Is Vonage Contact Center for Zendesk?

Think of it as a great integration, not to mention a great solution for your service and sales efforts. That’s because Vonage Contact Center is available as a pre-built integration for both Zendesk for Service and Zendesk for Sales. Each solution keeps customer data accessible, without the need to open another app, to better drive external and internal customer satisfaction. And Vonage Contact Center for Zendesk provides agents with the exact tools they need to be productive, help personalise customer experiences, and build loyalty.

What Are Some Vonage and Zendesk Features?

You’ll never hear anyone complain about saving time or money. Then again, time is often linked directly to money. And Vonage Contact Center for Zendesk is designed to deliver better — and faster — experiences for your agents, teams, and customers.

Fewer clicks

Agents can access everything they need in a single interface, which includes the automatic logging of call recordings and screen pops that show ticket or customer details. Agents can create a user, ticket, contact, or lead — quickly in one place — with far fewer clicks.

Ticket-based routing

Zendesk tickets — even if they originate through external sources such as websites, email, and social channels — are routed automatically within the contact centre to the relevant agent or team.

Tickets routed to the best-skilled available agent

Skills-based routing ensures that your customers are always presented with the agent who is best equipped to answer their questions and resolve their cases.

Sales and service support

Your teams can enjoy full support for both Zendesk for Service and Zendesk for Sales. Regardless of role, your agents can leverage this comprehensive support to enhance their customer focus.

Integration Across All Vonage Solutions

Whatever your communications needs, Vonage is here to help. So you’ll find pre-built Zendesk integration in our cloud-based Vonage Contact Center and unified communications offering of Vonage Business Communications.

Vonage Contact Center for Zendesk Is Available Now

Exciting news: Vonage Contact Center for Zendesk is fully available now. If your agents deal with Zendesk tickets from any source, then you should speak with the experts at Vonage.

Tim Kimber
Tim Kimber

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