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What a HubSpot or Slack Integration Could Mean for Your Business

This article was updated on July 6, 2021

From marketing to sales to inventory management to customer service, the phrase "there's an app for that" is business de rigueur. Indeed, as businesses move at the speed of the internet, they are increasingly using application and CRM integrations to improve internal and external communications. With a web-based application, like a HubSpot or Slack integration, businesses can empower their employees to work from anywhere and from any device.

Providing the means to increase margins and improve communications, a HubSpot or Slack integration could transform your business.

While some organizations struggle to keep track of their various business needs through multiple applications, others are taking advantage of apps like HubSpot and Slack to provide effective tools for communication and to automate marketing and sales initiatives.

A Slack integration is a powerful and convenient way to keep all your communications in one accessible app, while a HubSpot integration can increase sales productivity and workflows. Here's a deeper dive into the benefits of each.

Making a Slack Integration Work for You

Slack bills itself as a collaboration hub for work. You can run it as a desktop app, through a web browser, or from the Slack app on your smartphone or tablet. It's organized by channels, which are similar to messaging groups and completely customizable to your business needs.

Slack offers two channel options: public and private. Public channels are open to the entire company, making it easy to share documents, updates, and big wins. Slack isn't limited to just your company, either. You can invite clients, as well as contractors or anyone else who is involved in a project, to channels. That way, all of your communication remains in one place, and with Slack's robust search feature, nothing will get lost.

Slack also lets you create private channels that require an invitation to join. Private channels can help keep specific teams or departments on track and up to date, and they also allow team members to share documents and other important information with each other. Its threaded conversation feature eliminates the worry about something getting lost in an email chain.

With a Slack integration, you can leverage existing systems and get the most out of both. For example, you can integrate your business voice and conference calling system, letting your employees make and receive calls right from within Slack. Employees don't waste time jumping from one application to another, whether for voice or video conferencing. They can quickly message each other, follow up, and ask questions in real time, getting answers your clients want right away.

In other words, a Slack integration means seamless communication between your team, your clients, and your company. With a Slack integration, you get all the benefits of Slack and conference-calling tools from any internet-connected device.

Slack and HubSpot integrations with your voice and video systems give you a set of powerful tools to manage and grow your business.

Benefits of a HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is marketing and sales automation software that lets you track the customer journey from start to finish. It lets you build funnels complete with websites, landing pages, social media, and suggestions for creating better search-engine-friendly content.

Its sales hub puts automation at your fingertips, letting you track who has opened emails, downloaded a white paper, or generally shown interest in your business. Such data makes it easy to craft the perfect pitch to land the call and close the deal, as you already know what the potential client is most interested in getting from your business. It also helps you create beautiful-looking proposals and collect electronic signatures on important documents or payments.

HubSpot provides information in comprehensible dashboards that give you insight into your customers. Real-time notifications tell you when a customer has interacted with a piece of your marketing, and its automated email tools let you personalize messages and time the delivery for the best result.

A HubSpot CRM integration with your video conferencing solution creates the perfect tool for sales and marketing. Seamless voice and data integration means you can track workflows and drive adoption through intuitive call handling. You can also control and manage all features integrated into HubSpot workflows, increasing team productivity across the board. New integration capabilities like these help your business stay competitive.

It's Time to Integrate

As applications become more robust and businesses work to keep up with changing employee and customer demands, siloed communications just aren't cutting it any longer. That's why new integration trends are playing a pivotal role in many organizations' digital transformation initiatives. Integrating Slack or HubSpot with your voice and video systems gives you a set of powerful tools to manage and grow your business. From improving your margins to increasing productivity among remote and in-office teams, these integrations provide the tools necessary to maintain seamless communications.

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