What we’re Doing with WebRTC

At NewVoiceMedia, we are always on the look-out for new technologies that can improve the experience for the consumers of contact centres, and improve things for those that work in contact centres. We want to make things better for everyone through the careful use of new technologies.

One technology we've been thinking about a lot recently is WebRTC. We believe that this is going to be a very important enabling technology for contact centres over the next few years and that there is the potential for a large percentage of voice and video traffic to flow into the contact centre directly from the web browser. Therefore we have been doing our own experimentation with WebRTC to make sure that we are well placed to bring it to our customers when the time is right.

Knowing this was the way we wanted to go, one of our development teams decided to implement a prototype WebRTC project in one of our recent Ship It day sessions. We're pleased to say that this was successful and they were able to demonstrate two-way voice traffic from a Chrome browser into our existing telephony infrastructure. This was particularly pleasing as they did it purely on their own initiative without any prompting or pushing from the management or product teams.

We are also well placed to be able to deliver video calls into our infrastructure. We are fully SIP based and our underlying technology has been able to support video for some years. We've never done the work to expose this to customers as the demand for video has never been there. However, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I do feel that WebRTC may be the technology that allows video to become ubiquitous as it removes the cost barrier and gives everyone easy access to video hardware.

It will be interesting to see if WebRTC does take off as I expect. If it does, NewVoiceMedia is well placed to offer our customers early access to this exciting new technology.
Written by Vonage Staff

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