Who to Follow on Twitter Before Dreamforce #DF14

Dreamforce is now less than two months away! Hopefully you've already bookmarked our Dreamforce site, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll also be ensuring you’re connected with all the best influencers and insiders on Twitter, to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

With so much content available and 130,000 attendees anticipated, which tweeters are most worthy of a follow? Here are our 50 recommendations for a rounded timeline.

  1. @ValaAfshar Vala Afshar
  2. @JesseAltman Jesse Altman
  3. @LAAF Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
  4. @pmarca Marc Andreessen
  5. @KevinBaldacci Kevin Baldacci
  6. @Benioff Marc Benioff
  7. @JoshBirk Josh Birk
  8. @Amber9904 Amber Boaz
  9. @ReidCarlberg Reid Carlberg
  10. @DCarroll Dave Carroll
  11. @PeterCoffee Peter Coffee
  12. @DanDarcy Dan Darcy
  13. @Dreamforce
  14. @EricDresh Eric Dreshfield
  15. @Cloud_CEO Jonathan Gale
  16. @MikeGerholdt Mike Gerholdt
  17. @GordonEvans Gordon Evans
  18. @GeraldineGray Geraldine Gray
  19. @HammNick Nick Hamm
  20. @ParkerHarris Parker Harris
  21. @SeanBHawkins Sean Hawkins
  22. @ReidHoffman Reid Hoffman
  23. @GeorgeHuSF George Hu
  24. @Hyken Shep Hyken
  25. @CharlieIsaacs Charlie Isaacs
  26. @ZacharyJeans Zachary Jeans
  27. @PeterKnolle Peter Knolle
  28. @lazerow Michael Lazerow
  29. @BrentLeary Brent Leary
  30. @LeBrun Marcel LeBrun
  31. @CohanLeon Cohan Leon Daley
  32. @MLevchin Max Levchin
  33. @FlavMartins Flavio Martins
  34. @Patterson_sarah Sarah Patterson
  35. @Tom_Peters Tom Peters
  36. @DarthGarry Garry Polmateer
  37. @LpRobins Larry Robinson
  38. @salesforce
  39. @DSchach David Schach
  40. @rockchick322004 Mary Scotton
  41. @JimSinai Jim Sinai
  42. @StealeyReed Sarah Stealey Reed
  43. @Jeremys Jeremy Stoppelman
  44. @TooSaaSy TooSaaSy
  45. @DavidBThomas David Thomas
  46. @EckhartTolle Eckhart Tolle
  47. @Aunitt Ashley Unitt
  48. @StevenVBe Steven Van Belleghem
  49. @SFDCphil Phil Walton
  50. @MarkeWoollen Mark Woollen

You’ll find this collection of Dreamforce thought leaders saved as a Twitter list, where you can also check out their bios. Subscribe to it here. You can also follow us @NewVoiceMedia.

You will also uncover plenty of experts on Twitter throughout the week, by using the #DF14 hashtag.

And if you don’t have your ticket yet, make sure you take advantage of our code – EC14NWVO – to receive your $100 discount. You can register here.

Head on over to our Dreamforce site now…
Nicola Brookes
Nicola Brookes

Nicola is RVP Corporate Communications at NewVoiceMedia. She will mostly blog about customer service, industry news, events and company updates. Follow Nicola on Twitter at http://twitter.com/nbrookespr

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