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Mobyquest Gains Critical Phone Number Insight Using Vonage

With the flexibility of the Vonage Number Insights API, Mobyquest's app enabled them to choose which insights they needed to receive. At the same time, the Number Insights API scaled seamlessly with the strength and quality as they expanded their business across the globe.

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Vonage Solutions and Features

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Because of poor performance from past partners, Mobyquest needed a new communications API to provide the most accurate phone number insight, with the lowest latency and cost.


Vonage Number Insight API


By switching to the Vonage Number Insight API, Mobyquest successfully achieved 95% accurate match for number type and carrier while reducing overall communications costs and providing a highly efficient, low latency service.

Headquartered in Montpellier, France, for over 10 years, Mobyquest has been a leading provider of MMS based solutions for mobile communication channels such as text and multimedia messaging, push notification and payments. Through exclusive agreements with telecom operators, Mobyquest provides its customers, including marketing agencies, web agencies, brands and content publishers, with highly competitive pricing for MMS messaging.

Strategy and Implementation of Vonage

Despite their exclusive agreements with telecommunications operators, Mobyquest needed a way to determine the correct carrier for each phone number in its database. To accomplish this, Mobyquest partnered with Vonage to take advantage of Vonage’s scalability and easy-to-integrate communications APIs.

By implementing the Vonage Number Insight API, Mobyquest was able to determine the type and carrier of every phone number in their database and receive phone number insights synchronously in real time, thereby eliminating latency issues. Mobyquest could then route its MMS and SMS messages to the correct carrier.

Using Vonage’s Number Insight API, the company was able to achieve the most accurate information while maintaining the lowest costs.

Significantly Improved Results with Vonage

After implementing the Vonage Number Insight API, Mobyquest saw significant improvement. They were able to achieve a 95% accurate match for number type and carrier with minimised overall communications costs.  Vonage enabled Mobyquest to provide a highly efficient, low latency service to its customers and helped them minimise their development resources by using such an easy-to-integrate API.

“After working with several cloud communications partners that provided inaccurate and pricey solutions, it was refreshing to find Vonage. We were able to fit our app’s logic with their flexible Number Insight API, giving Mobyquest the ability to chose which insights I want to receive and which ones I’d rather do without. We also required a solution that would work seamlessly with the same level of accuracy as we expand operations across Europe and Vonage truly delivered.”

NICOLAS AUBOIN, Lead Engineer of Mobyquest

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