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Are Your Contact Center Agents Behaving Properly?

According to a Call Center Helper poll, teams reviewing contact center call quality typically monitor less than six calls per agent every month. Learn the right way to monitor and motivate.

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to:
  • Apply the best practices to drive the right agent behaviors
  • Use speech analytics to help monitor 100% of calls
  • Identify when agents don't adhere to business policies
  • Understand how agents communicate with customers to uncover areas for improvement
  • Blend speech analytics with CRM data to ensure data-driven decisions
  • Reduce ramp up time for new agents
  • Use gamification to further encourage the right agent behaviors
A good read for:
  • Sales managers
  • Enterprise decision-makers
  • Contact center managers
  • Customer experience leads
  • Customer relationship managers

In recent years, the contact center has transitioned from being a burdensome cost center INTO A HIGHLY DESIRABLE PROFIT CENTER THAT NO COMPANY CAN BE WITHOUT. However, traditional contact center metrics are often still in place, which may not drive the right behaviors.

For example, it's typical to measure contact center agents by the time to answer, the number of calls handled, call length, call abandonment rate, and other quantitative performance indicators. While these metrics still have some relevance, they do little to indicate whether the customer experience was good or even whether the customer’s question was answered satisfactorily.

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