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Transforming Healthcare with Live Video (with Japanese subtitles)

Across the globe and in just a matter of weeks, the ability to build live, virtual consultation rooms and provide safe, secure environments—while complying with a host of data security standards and observing best practices—has become essential for good medicine.

In this fireside chat, watch experts discuss the use of video for remote medical-expert collaboration. Speakers include:
  • Kumar K.V., group head of information technology at Narayana Health
  • Bianca Brown, managing director at Instant Consult
  • Sho Shimoda, CEO/CTO at Transcosmos Research and Development
We'll review some of the many use cases that providers, practices, and organizations can no longer afford to ignore, including:
  • Connected devices: Enhancing the capabilities of existing medical devices with real-time communications
  • Behavioral and mental health: Allowing healthcare professionals to assess and support their patients remotely in real time and throughout their treatment
  • E-visits and medical consultations: Connecting patients and physicians around the world quickly and securely through virtual office visits and live video
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