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Cell Phone Integration

VoIP system functionality on your mobile phone.
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The VBC Mobile App integrates seamlessly with your Android™ phone or iPhone®. If you don’t have an Android™ phone or iPhone®, our Vonage Business Communications can still provide the features your business requires to other mobile phones.
Calls forwarded to a VoIP cell phone from a Vonage extension using Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring or Follow Me can be transferred back to Vonage Business Communications with the touch of a button. Forward calls immediately, set a rule to redirect to your deskphone after a few rings, or forward calls that aren’t answered at your mobile number to your company voicemail.
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Call Forwarding allows employees to forward calls placed to their company extension to their mobile phone.
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Calls can be transferred back to other extensions in your account, allowing for a seamless connection between employees in different locations.
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With Mobile Phone Integration, mobile phones become an extension of the company phone system — instead of standalone and separate devices — with calls routed through Vonage Business Communications, which allows employees to utilise Vonage functionality on the move (data charges may apply).
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