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The Beginners Guide to VoIP

4. How to switch to VoIP

More and more small and large businesses are switching to a VoIP phone system. This is in large part due to the big savings you can make on local and international calls. Switching couldn't be easier, so here's what you need to know.

How to switch to VoIP

How to switch

To switch your traditional phone line to VoIP, simply get in touch with a VoIP provider. All you need is an internet connection good enough to support it (most broadband connections will be fine). VoIP uses your IP to transfer phone call data, which means you don't need line rental and can make local or international calls for much less and even free.

How to get a VoIP phone number

Your VoIP provider will issue you with a phone number or you can keep your existing one. VoIP phones work in exactly the same way, so you still dial numbers to make calls and people do the same for you. Which means you can also keep a local number, wherever you're based.

Why make the switch

If you're looking at how to get VoIP then you've probably decided that your business could benefit from its major advantages. More and more small, medium and even large companies are attracted by the idea of cheaper and even free local, national and international calls. But the benefits don't stop there. Using VoIP you can also get:

Find me/follow me calling
Find me/follow me calling

If you're not in the office your VoIP system diverts the call to your mobile or home phone, so you'll never miss another deal

Voicemail to email transcription
Voicemail to email transcription

VoIP transcribes voicemail and sends messages to your email account or smartphone

Call screening
Call screening

Find out who's calling, then transfer calls to other lines

Coaching tools
Coaching tools

Jump in on calls without both parties hearing you, meaning you can give employees advice while on the line

Auto attendant
Auto attendant

Allows callers to interact with a recorded menu and then get the right extension

Mobile capability
Mobile capability

VoIP calls can be connected through your mobile so you can access the service anytime or anywhere on your choice of devices

The rewards of VoIP

Once you're connected to a VoIP system, you're free to enjoy all the benefits of VoIP technology. Make and receive calls in exactly the same way, at a fraction of the price, use new features to create a more professional appearance and increase your phone and communications mobility.

Using VoIP
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