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Messages API features

Our Messages API has all-inclusive features to create a richer, more meaningful customer experience, interactivity with SMS, MMS, social chat apps and more.
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The most-loved Messages API features on our powerful platform.

Single event callback

Get detailed messaging results, including timestamps, delivery status, price and error states.

Rich media

Provide an engaging user experience with images, audio, video, files, geolocation and events.

Adaptive routing™

Enjoy effortless message rerouting that guarantees optimum delivery — like GPS for your SMS.

Messages API Sandbox

Easily develop and test anything you want to build with WhatsApp, Viber Service Messages or Facebook Messenger with our Messages API Sandbox feature. Sign up

Signed Callbacks

Secure your applications against malicious activity by adding authentication and message validation to incoming messages.

Enrich the SMS experience for faster communication.

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Simple formatting

Format your message once — and we’ll make sure it works for any social app or SMS text.
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Client ref identifier

Tag messages with a client ref identifier for advanced tracking.
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Same callback behaviour

We simplify callback behaviour by formatting consistently across all types of social chat app results.
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Protect sensitive customer data with Vonage API calls, secured by JWT authentication.

Maximise your reach with reliable deliverability.

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Number pools

Secure a pool of local sender IDs so no one else can use them to message your clients.
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Short codes

Short codes make your messages simpler and more memorable.
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Advanced encoding

Automatic Unicode translation gives your customers the best — and most emoji-filled — experience possible.
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Number fallback

Guarantees high deliverability, even if your user’s carrier doesn’t accept short code SMSs.
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Local number ID

Local numbers in 76 countries make it easy to receive and reply to messages for free.
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Persistent sender ID

Streamline the messaging experience by using one phone number per person.
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Two-way messaging

Virtual numbers allow your customers to reply to messages for an interactive, chat-like experience.
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Programmable phone numbers

Unmatched coverage for instantly provisioning phone numbers in any location.

Vonage SMS network

Our robust and reliable network allows for optimal speed and delivery.

Stay compliant around the world.

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Queue high-volume messaging campaigns automatically in accordance with each carrier’s regulations.
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Automatically splits and seamlessly reassembles longer text messages according to carrier specifications.
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GDPR compliant

Vonage is always working toward compliance standards so your data abides by global regulations.

Manage your services easily.

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We’ll help you troubleshoot problems quickly and thoroughly.
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Additional secondary accounts help you organise multiple applications or services.

User permissions

Scale and assign permissions by user to avoid confusion and mix-ups at any level.
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Dashboard analytics

Get detailed insights on your campaigns, down to the recipient’s mobile network and country of origin.
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