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Intelligently route using any Salesforce object

Use any Salesforce object to route customers more efficiently. Thanks to Vonage, you can direct routing by case owner, last agent contact and more effectively. This personalised approach reduces transfers, boosts first-contact resolution — and significantly elevates the CX.
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Elevate the experience by addressing customer needs on their schedule and preferred platform.
Reduce operational complexity by managing routing rules within your Salesforce environment.
Resource the data you need through customised dashboards, wallboards and reports.
Boost efficiency with teams skilled in both voice and digital.
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Automatic Call Distributor

Connect calls to the best available agent through skills-based routing, case-owner routing, etc.
  • Shorten wait times for better customer experiences
  • Route to the customer’s preferred channel
  • Conduct real-time training and monitoring

Dynamic Call Routing

Leverage Salesforce data to make smart, dynamic routing decisions — and personalise the CX.
  • Direct customers according to priority, agent history and more
  • Train staff on specific queries to reduce the resolution effort
  • Allow customers to self-direct their calls
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