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New Phone Line Installation


New Phone Line Installation

Having a new phone line installed can be a pain. Forget waiting around for engineers, and shelling out for expensive connection fees. New phone line installation is free with a Vonage plan.

If you have a broadband connection set up, then you’re ready to go. No phone line installation costs, just plug your Vonage box into your broadband router and get talking.

It’s great news for business that can’t afford to wait. Free business phone line installation, along with our fantastic calling plans, means companies can save over £190 on costly phone bills.

How Vonage works

How VoIP installation could benefit your business

To install a VoIP phone you just need to have a broadband connection or similar. Because VoIP calls use the internet to transfer data rather than the phone line, installing one in your office could really cut back on call costs, even if you need to phone internationally.

You don’t need expensive new equipment and you can even keep your existing number, even if you’re working from elsewhere.

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With Vonage you make calls over the internet, with call quality that’s every bit as clear and reliable as a landline. So forget phone line installation fees, monthly line rental, and expensive phone rates – Vonage makes it easy to connect.

Get free phone line installation for your home or business from Vonage. Get in touch to discuss your VoIP options.

Vonage Business Cloud

A business phone system packed with clever features to help your business grow. Plans as low as £9.00/month