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Screen Recording: Boost Agent Productivity and CX

This article was published on August 10, 2021

As a contact centre leader, you face constant pressure from all parts of the business. You need to address customer interactions quickly, so they can translate into great experiences that drive a strong NPS or CSAT and lower customer churn. Make sure your staff has completed training to understand and solve customer concerns. Put plans in place to schedule phones and other channels. And don’t forget about doing all you can to minimise staff turnover. Having the right tools can help in a big way—and this is where workforce optimisation and screen recording can be your best friends.

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Workforce optimisation integrates business performance considerations with workforce management. For you and your contact centre, this means focusing on automation, data visibility, and compliance. And because these all directly impact your team, it’s important to resolve any staffing issues fast. Thankfully, screen recording is here to help.

Automating Processes

Contact centres have become increasingly large and complex, generating huge amounts of data. While data and speech analytics can help you understand where processes are coming up short, being able to actually see agent activity during a call—through screen sharing—can highlight inefficiencies and fine-tune processes. It can also be a great way to provide feedback to software developers, who can then modify in-house applications, adjust the customisation of standard applications, or even create something new to improve automation.

Data Visibility

Every contact centre leader wants a better understanding of customer call issues—for instance, discovering that a caller was on hold for a long time due to the software application being difficult to navigate, or the agent not knowing how to find the required information. Resolving these issues makes the system less complicated—which also speeds new-agent onboarding.

Screen recording can help identify the root causes of poor performance across the whole range of contact centre KPIs, such as:

  • Why are customers complaining about long hold times?
  • Is after-call work or the wrap-up period taking too long? What are the causes?
  • Are agents complaining about software usability and bugs?
  • How can tools be improved to boost agent performance?
  • Are agents struggling with applications because they’re complicated?
  • Are there software issues or bugs that can only be diagnosed visually?
  • Are agents navigating through multiple pages in the wrong order?
  • Are agents complaining about poor audio or video quality, even though they’re streaming high-def videos in the background?
  • Are agents creating poor CX by placing customers on hold while they tend to personal matters?
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Sales leaders might want to know whether agents are using their applications correctly to either quickly make outbound calls or to ensure that a quote is correct the first time. Are agents skipping the automated dialer process so they can cherry-pick opportunities or because they’re not engaged?

At the same time, it’s important to be fully compliant with consumer and credit card purchasing laws. You want to avoid a situation where a rogue agent illegally copies customer credit card details.

Screen recording helps with these scenarios by capturing agent activity across all desktops for further analysis.

Time to Resolve Staffing Issues

Screen recording helps contact centre leaders identify and resolve agent productivity issues that impact the customer experience. The contact centre can record what agents do on their desktops during an interaction or any after-call work. This helps identify time-wasting behaviours and impediments, while enhancing quality management and coaching.

In addition, tools such as the Vonage Conversation Analyzer can add speech analytics. Simply click an identified phrase in Conversation Analyzer, and the video and audio recording are synchronised, with playback starting immediately.


Businesses must ensure that agents are being productive, with nothing blocking their productivity and delivery of service. The growth in remote work makes this even more top of mind.

Vonage can help with a screen recording solution that works natively within Vonage Contact Center. No third-party integrations or deployments are required, which accelerates both implementation and return on investment. 

Learn today how Vonage can help deliver amazing customer experiences through our cloud-based contact centre.

Tim Kimber
Tim Kimber

Director of Product Marketing at Vonage

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