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800 number replacement

Smart is the new freephone. Replace freephone numbers with smart local numbers to reduce costs and improve service.
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Enhanced services

Deliver a better customer experience with simple enhancements, such as click-to-call, IVR, call recording and transcription, call routing and more.

Cut your telecom bill

Replace your expensive freephone numbers with smart local numbers and cut your telecommunications costs.

Increase engagement

Consumers increasingly want to work with businesses that have a local presence. A local number can increase engagement.

Improve the user experience

With click-to-call options on your mobile app and website, your application will automatically select the local number that is right for each caller.

How 800 number replacement works

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1. Customers search for your number

Your customers find your local number on your website or mobile app. The number is assigned based on their location. For physical advertisements such as billboards, you provision a local number from the Vonage API dashboard.
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2. Customer call

Your customers call you by clicking on the number or “call us” button, or by dialling the local number presented — without costly operating charges to you.
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3. You determine how to handle the inbound call

You can greet callers with a personalised IVR menu (based on caller ID or location) or you can route callers to an appropriate agent. You can even record calls for future analysis or training.
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4. Gain actionable insights

You can gain actionable insights by generating reports about your call activity from our dashboard or your own application using our Management APIs.
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Programmable elements used in this solution

  • Search for phone numbers
  • Buy phone numbers
  • Receive a call
  • Collect keypad input
  • Connect a phone call

Why choose Vonage APIs for 800 number replacement?

Cost savings

Smart local numbers dramatically reduce the cost to you of providing a local number to customers. Moreover, because we charge on a per-second basis in most countries, you pay only for the time you actually spend on a call. Compared to traditional plans that bill on a per-minute basis, you could save more than 50%.

Local presence

We offer numbers in more than 8,000 US rate centres, providing local number access to more than 93% of the US population. We also provide local numbers in more than 85 countries, so you can have a local presence wherever your customers are located.

Future ready

Our smart numbers are programmable, so you can add new capabilities easily with just a few lines of code — whenever you want to. You can start simply by replacing costly freephone numbers, then enhance your customers’ experience when you’re ready — without making costly new infrastructure investments.

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